Our Catholic Identity

St. Anthony’s Catholic Primary School welcomes everyone, regardless of faith tradition.  We develop and encourage strong partnerships between school and families, working together to build a vibrant family atmosphere that fosters joy and a strong sense of community.

We create a thriving community where children flourish, achieve their full potential, and make a positive difference for the world. This is inspired and guided by the values and beliefs of Catholic Identity. This rests upon the pillars of our Mercy Keys; the capabilities and dispositions of Mutual Respect, Justice, Hospitality, Loyalty, Responsibility, Integrity, and Compassion. The Mercy Keys provide contemporary and authentic opportunities for children to make connections to the Christian story, faith and service to others.

All children are provided opportunities to experience a personal relationship with Jesus through Class Liturgy, class and whole school Mass, Sunday Parish Mass at St Alphonsus, prayer, ecological sustainability and social justice activities.

At St. Anthony’s Catholic Primary School, we articulate our Catholic Identity through our Whole School Mercy Planner.  Our Mercy Planner is a framework which provides opportunities to build student capabilities, dispositions, and spiritual awareness in alignment with CESA’s, Living Learning and Leading Framework. The Mercy Planner, in conjunction with the Living Learning and Leading Framework, supports students to develop a sense of belonging in their community, the zest to pursue excellence as empowered and self-aware learners, agency to make a difference in our world as compassionate, grounded young people who have a sense of integrity in the way they interact with others.  The Mercy Planner is how the St. Anthony’s community expresses our Catholic Identity as every day and lifelong actions.

We articulate our shared Catholic Identity through our Whole School Mercy Planner.